Get The Facts About the System Before You Join...
Instant Postcard Wealth

The easiest and fastest way to build wealth from home is by mailing cheap little postcards. Instant Postcard Wealth was created for the people who wanted to make money from home without learning how to market online. This is my honest review of the Instant Postcard Wealth system.

A Simple Formula For Making Money

Instant Postcard Wealth is the answer to making big money from home. Postcard marketing is the easiest money I have ever made from home. I work from home full time and I owe all of my success to Instant Postcard Wealth.

Make Thousands Weekly Mailing Cheap Postcards

Thank you for taking the time read over my website here about the Instant Postcard Wealth program. With Postcard marketing, you have the ability to generate thousands of dollars every single day by mailing cheap effective postcards. Thousands of people have shifted to the internet and it has become saturated in some aspects of internet marketing, but with postcards there is virtually no competition when it comes to postcard marketing.
So How Does Instant Postcard Wealth Work?

What happens once I pay my $98 + $10 shipping & handling?

Once you pay your onetime $98 + $10 shipping & handling your IPW marketing guide will be shipped and should arrive in the mail within 3-5 days by USPS mail.  You will immediately receive access to our team training site which will have step by step training videos that will lead you to success.

How much will it cost to set up and host my own personal website?

There is a onetime $49 set up fee for your own personal website with your PayPal account. This is a onetime charge and with no monthly fees.  Once you register your domain with we can also link your domain to your website for you for no extra charge.

What do I do when my IPW marketing course arrives in the mail?

When your guide arrives in the mail make sure you read everything and really obsorb all the information in our course. The information in our guide will teach you everything you need to know about postcard marketing and you can seriously increase your income mailing postcards from home.

Who will supply me with the mailing lists and postcards to mail out?

Our IPW guide will have 10 proven ready to copy postcards you can easily duplicate. You can print out these postcards on stock paper from your own home printer or you can bring it to your local print shop to do the job. We will put you in touch with our mailing list brokers we use to get our names on peel stick labels. Some of these companies can even mail out your postcards for you on your behalf. These are HOT leads from proven buyers that have purchased a home business opportunity in the past.

How much will it cost to mail out these postcards and what kind of results should I expect?

If you were going to mail out 500 postcards per week it will cost you around $200. This cost will include the postcard, name on peel stick label, and the postage. We usually expect a conversion rate from 1-3 % from our postcard mailings when mailing to a good list. So 500 postcards mailed out should bring in 5-10 sales @ $98 Per Sale = $490 to $980 Profits! The key to be successful in this business is to stay consistant with your mailings and you will make money with our system.

So all I do is simply mail postcards from home? What else do I have to do?

Once you have your website and postcards all set up, all you will mainly do is mail out postcards on the daily basis. Once your prospects receive their postcards in the mail they will go to your website and if they decide to purchase our guide, you'll get paid $98 to your PayPal account. Our website does all the selling and explaining for you while your PayPal account takes all your orders online. You may have to answer some light emails from prospects interested in joining IPW.