Adam & Kristine here A.K.A. "The Postcard Experts" and we want to thank you for visiting our website.  If you're serious about making real money and you're ready to quit screwing around with so-called "opportunities" that make everyone rich but you...Then I want to show you a simple formula that anyone can use to start from absolute zero and start making a very comfortable living just by mailing simple, cheap, little postcards at home.

A few years ago I was just like you searching online for the perfect home business opportunity. I'm sure you already know that there's tons of junky worthless money making programs out there all over the Internet. I recently stumbled across a simple step by step Postcard Marketing System that pays daily and I have changed my life dramatically! I don't have to worry about a recession, company layoffs or inflation...My Life is No Longer Dictated By A Boss Or A Job!  I Now Have Total Financial Freedom!

Now that I've done so well mailing out cheap little postcards, I'd like to help others be apart of this wonderful opportunity and take advantage of this income source that can be generated right from the comfort of your own home. I enjoy helping others when I can. That's why I created this website. I feel that nobody should ever have to struggle and worry about money. I think everyone deserves to have financial freedom and success. Stop living from paycheck to paycheck and take control of your life with this genuine income opportunity. Only you can change your future.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Sure I'd love to learn to make money working from home, but can I learn how to make money with this system? ABSOLUTELY! How soon and how much money you could make totally depends upon you and your efforts. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!
Is this a Legitimate Opportunity?

Absolutely! Postcard marketing has been around for many many years and is part of a Multi Billion Dollar industry! With that being said, please feel rest assured that this is a 100% legitimate home based business opportunity.

SCAM WARNING: BEWARE of fraudulent companies claiming to pay you "$1.00" or even "$5.00" per postcard or envelope mailed. Please use your common sense when joining a business opportunity. NO COMPANY will pay you $1.00 or more per postcard mailed. These bogus opportunities don't exist! A legitimate direct mail opportunity will pay you based on "products sales" you generate through your mailings.

Now that we got that out of the way.. Why cheap little postcards? What else could be easier? There are no skills needed to mail a postcard, there is no difficult internet marketing to learn, and it is something that everyone can do very easily!

Maybe you're thinking postcard mailings are a little old-fashioned and don't work?

Think again...

Online advertising has become so ubiquitous that many people have reached the point where they just tune out. Average banner ad clickthough rates have dropped to below one half of one percent. Software companies now sell products that automatically block online advertising. That's why many marketers are now using cheap little postcards to get their advertising message across.

What makes postcards so effective?

One reason is that they can't be "deleted"...think about it: how much junk email do you receive every day? How much of it do you actually read? If you're like most people, you hit the delete key before you even read the message. With postcards, your sales message is guaranteed to be seen by your prospects.

We, have already figured everything out for you. We know which postcards work the best.  Plus, we know where to get names of people to send your postcards to.  We receive anywhere from a 1-3% order rate from our exclusive mailing list leads!

And, best of all, this won't cost you a fortune. Postcard marketing is VERY effective and is an excellent way to earn some extra income from home. It's easy and it works! For around 5-10 cents you can get our proven postcard, and the name of a home business opportunity seeker to send it to. And, postage for a postcard is only 33 cents. 

When you join us, we will also provide you with the perfect product to market using postcards and will happily share our list of resources with you.

Do you think you could mail some inexpensive postcards from home that will pay you BIG BUCKS month after month? Absolutely!
How My Life Changed...
So How Does The System Work?

Just mail out at least 100 postcards daily and start making money! It's That Simple. By following the simple step-by-step instructions included with your postcard marketing guide you can start making some massive income within the next 10 days!  We'll provide you with our profit pulling proven postcards, the perfect product, and access to our exclusive mailing list leads. Very few people know about this honest, legitimate money making system. And believe me, this is NOT like anything you've ever seen before.

You Get 100% Resell Rights To Our "Postcard Wealth Guide"

Once you become a member of our company you'll receive access to our "Postcard Wealth Guide" e-book with complete resell rights. Our guide and training course will teach you all our secret stratagies to become successful marketing any product or service using direct mail! You'll also get paid $98.00 for each and every sale you generate through your mailings. That's 100% commission for each sale you make and their is no splitting any profits with our company. Receive your payments by PayPal or check by mail!

All Postcard Designs Will Be Supplied For You!

We'll supply you with 24 of our proven postcard designs to print out from your home computer. The information in this guide is good as gold and will show you step by step how to successfully market any product or service using direct mail.

Instant Delivery! No Shipping Necessary

Whenever you make a sale through PayPal, your customers will instantly be directed to download a copy of our "Postcard Wealth Guide" E-book. No printing or shipping of the guide is needed and you keep 100% of the profits! There is NO LIMIT to how many sales you can make.

When you become a member of our team you'll receive:

  Our "Postcard Wealth Guide" E-book (25 page manual that will teach you everything   you'll need to know about postcard marketing.)

  Your own personal website branded to you ready to accept your $98.00 payments by PayPal. (only a $59/yr website setup/hosting fee.)

  24 Proven Postcard Designs you can print out directly from your home computer.

  Access to our mailing list lead brokers. We receive a 1-3% order buy rate from our HOT exclusive mailing list leads.

  Step by step video training and customer support in our members area online.

Can You Mail Out Cheap Little Postcards From Home? If You Answered YES! You Can Make Money With Our System!
The Power Of Direct Mail & The Internet Can Truly Make You A Fortune.. Watch The Proof Video Below!

Listen, it's time for you to get out of that financial trouble you're in. It's time for you to begin making the money you've always dreamed about. It's time you reach out for true financial independence. Now is your chance to gain complete time freedom. This is your chance to free yourself from your DEAD-END job. If you turn your back on this opportunity to learn and prosper now, how and when do you ever expect things to change for the better in your life?

JUST THINK ABOUT IT! Your job will NEVER give you the opportunity to live the type of life you want to live. JOB stands for Just-Over-Broke. Don't settle for what life has to offer you. Take control and make things happen for yourself.
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO GET STARTED?   $98.00  $77.00  Only $49.95!

Our Postcard Wealth System Only Cost $49.95 To Get Started!  Making your first sale would already pay for your membership! If you're not willing to spend $49.95 to join our program, I'm sorry this is probably not the opportunity for you. I'm only looking to partner and work with serious people who want to learn and receive massive cash directly to their bank accounts! Mailing cheap little postcards from home can make you a fortune! Let's get serious folks...Where else can you start a legitimate home based business for this low price? Think about it this way.. If you were to start a traditional business it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started and take months or even years to make your initial investment back. It's a no brainer guys! Take action and get started today!

* I don't have the money to get started...

* I don't have the time...

* I don't want to get burned again...

* This is too good to be true...

* I'm scared...

These are just lame excuses you can use to convince yourself why you shouldn't get started learning today. Honestly, most people are just afraid of change and that fear is what stops them from achieving their lifetime dreams. Are you an excuse maker or are you ready to make it happen? IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GET IN THE GAME!


One, you can ignore this priceless information and forget you ever saw this website, and continue getting the same results you've been getting all of your life...


Two, you can take charge of your financial future and start making an excellent weekly income with our proven postcard system.  IT'S YOUR DECISION! 


If you're ready to start earning a staggering income within the next few days, make the decision to get started RIGHT NOW!
You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain!
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How Much Money Can I Make?
MAKING MONEY with direct mail is a numbers game and will depend on these 3 Major Key Elements below:

#1 Your product: We provide you with the perfect product that pays $98.00 per sale!

#2 Your mailing list: We provide you with access to our exclusive mailing list  leads that pull anywhere from a 1-3% order rate!

#3 How many postcards you mail daily: We provide you with 24 of our profit pulling postcard designs you can print out from your home computer and there's NO LIMIT to how many postcards you can mail daily!

We arm you with all 3 of these key elements! Everything in place for you! Our proven postcards, the product, website and access to our mailing list leads. You will have access to our exact blue print to make a quiet fortune with direct mail!

The more postcards you mail out, the more income potential you can make. Keep in mind this is NOT some "Get Rich Quick" scheme. This is a honest, legitimate, home based business that will require some work. As long as you can follow simple instructions, you can make money with our system. Just mail your postcards to our exclusive business opportunity buyers leads and you'll get paid for each and every sale you generate through your mailings.

   500 Postcards Mailed = 5 to 10 sales @ $98 per sale = $490 to $980 Profits

   1,000 Postcards Mailed = 10 to 20 sales @ $98 per sale = $980 to $1,960 Profits

   2,000 Postcards Mailed = 20 to 40 sales @ $98 per sale = $1,960 to $3,920 Profits

   5,000 Postcards Mailed = 50 to 100 sales @ $98 per sale = $4,970 to $9,800 Profits
THE FINE PRINT: The "industry standard" of direct mail marketing is a 1-2% order buy rate. The above illustration is an example based on a 1-2% order buy rate of what you can potentially earn. This is used for illustration purposes only and does not imply or promise what you will actually earn. Results will vary.
The amount of money you can make from home will vary depending on how much effort you put into the program. Remember No Action = No Results!
**The low price of $49.95 is a special introductory offer that will not last long.
If you want to be guaranteed this low price make sure you order by midnight tonight!
What Do I Get When I Join?
All earnings in this screen shot are 100% truthful and accurate, although may not be typical. The typical person who works hard makes money, but the typical person who does nothing earns nothing.
(E-book is now delivered instantly upon purchase. No printing or shipping is required!)
Adam & Kristine A.K.A. "The Postcard Experts"
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